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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: the leader of the pakistani taliban was reportedly killed today by a u.s. drone strike. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. also ahead on the program, a swarm of big-name politicians invade virginia, as a bitter race for governor hits the homestretch. >> from day one, it was all about how the other side was unfit to govern. and in some ways, what's happening, i think, is that voters, at least some of them, are starting to agree with both campaigns. >> woodruff: and it's friday. mark shields and david brooks are here to analyze the week's news. those are just some of the stories we're covering on tonight's "pbs newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> my customers can shop around; see who does good work and compare costs. it can also work that way with healthcare. with united healthcare, i get information on quality ratings of doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me and my guys make informed decisions. i don't like guesses with my business and definitely
right, miguel. thank you. >>> to pakistan now, a country on high alert as the taliban vows revenge and mobilizes to nominate a new leader. this after a u.s. drone attack took out their leader there on friday. he was responsible for the deaths of thousands in pakistan and has been linked to one of the deadliest attacks on the cia. let's get to nbc for the latest. who was this man and how are pakistanis reacting to news of the drone attack? >> there's been widespread anger among pakistanis, not just on the streets but also from political leaders. the prime minister's office said it would be reviewing its relationship with the united states. they're angry because the government had been trying to enter into peace talks with the taliban. he was one of america's most wanted, feared for his ruthless and daring attacks. he was the leader of the pakistani taliban. the group's attacks killed thousands of pakistanis but he also targeted americans, believed to have been behind the failed car bombing in times square in 2010. and he was linked to one of the deadliest attacks against the cia. he
say an american drone strike has killed a big target, the leader of the taliban in pakistan. hakeem molamasoud is believed to had $5 million u.s. bounty on his head. he's believed to have been behind that failed car bombing in times square back in 2010. his death, if confirmed, comes as drone strikes are under scrutiny for the often killing innocent civilians nearby. >>> as we reported last night there is a new bombshell of a book about to come out that's revealing some of the best-kept secrets of the most recent race for the white house from republican back stabbing to president obama's feelings about president clinton to a possible move to switch running mates. nbc's andrea mitchell has the book report tonight. >> hey, guys. how you doing? >> reporter: joe biden looked in charge in the oval office today. but two years ago the president's top aides polled whether to dump biden for hillary clinton. according to the book "double down" biden dodged a bullet he never saw coming when focus groups proved adding clinton wouldn't improve the president's odds. >> i think it's important to k
. the pakistan the taliban leader is believed to have been behind the failed times square bombing in 2010 and several brazen attacks within pakistan itself. china flexing its military muscle. state-run media showing off its nuclear submarine fleet, reportedly the world's second largest with some 70 vessels, among the new details reported was this map showing beijing nuclear submarines, as you can see, mark doubt cities like seattle, says alice, and the deadly radiation that would spread all the way to chicago if such strikes were to occur. president obama in a meeting with iraqi foreign minister today saying al qaeda has drawn up -- ground more active and effective, but joining us now the president of the foundation for democracy is clifford made. great to have you here. first, your reaction to that meeting in where we are headed, if anywhere. >> things are really bad. we have had about 7,000 deaths, very close to a civil war. al qaeda which was almost defeated his resurgent, back, and is a danger that has spilled over the border. you have a bigger al qaeda presence through to other organ
this morning about a u.s. drone strike that killed the leader of the pakistani taliban. what do we know at this point? >> reporter: ma sued, he was the leader of the pakistani taliban that killed many people. it's believed he was killed by a u.s. drone strike and this is something of a vendetta attack from the u.s. intelligence because mussad was believed to be responsible for organizing an attack against the cia in 2009 in afghanistan and a sending a man, the bomber who failed to detonate a car bomb in new york's times square in 2010. >>> richard, thanks so much for that. >>> new revelations emerging this morning from a criminal trial in london where formal journalists are accused of hacking phones to get the scoop on prince william and kate middleton back when they were dating. prosecutors say a string of stories in the now defunct tabloid "news of the world" came from listening to private voice mail messages. the defendants have denied the charges against them. >>> the u.s. isn't showing any leniency toward edward snowden after he pleaded for international help and asking for the u.s
to criticisms of yesterday's drone strike that killed a taliban leader in that country. officials say the u.s. is sabotaging peace talks with the taliban. >>> president obama likes to keep certain parts of his life private. his family, his friends and his faith, until now. we're learning about one of his private practices. how the president has worked with a pastor to seek daily inspiration. the president touched on this earlier in the year. take a listen. >> every morning, he sends me via e-mail a daily meditation, snippet of scripture for me to reflect on. and it has meant the world to me. >> before he checks his blackberry and dives into the day, the first thing the president does, we hear, is read the meditation sent to him from the man dubbed the white house's pastor in chief. josh joshua dubois joins us right now. very good to see you here today. what was the last devotional you sent him and why did you send that to him? >> one of the ones i've sent recently was about joe louis, the boxer, who always bounced back even when he was knocked down. he wouldn't stay down for a count. it was
the leader of pakistan's taliban insurgency. hakimullah mehsud is known for carrying out ruthless attacks. pakistan's government says it has summoned the u.s. ambassador to protest the strike. meantime a 13-year-old pakistani boy and his sister are protesting all drones strikes in the region and testified in washington this week about the price they paid last year on the hill in a separate interview here on msnbc, they said they were injured badly. their grandmother killed in a drone attack and they say they fear blue skies now because that is when the drones come out. >> translator: i used to go outside and play but now i don't go outside and play because i'm scared. >> joining me now, ronnian cal lick covering the story. ronnia with a welcome for anyone who did not see the complete testimony from the children and their father, how compelling was their story? how was it received on the hill? >> well, they traveled 7,000 miles to come and tell congress about the drone strike that killed their grandmother and only five members of congress attended. so but the five members of congress who d
this afternoon. this afternoon is that's a u.s. drone strike killed the leader of the pakistani taliban today. it is a major blow to the group the day after the government started peace talk with the militants. the president getting a briefing gunmanshooting at lax, a armed with a semiautomatic rifle opened fire, killing a tsa transportation authority employee and three people. that report from the associated press. also, the american bar association held it national security conference. part of that discussion was focused on organized crime and how billions of dollars have been made trafficking in marijuana. here is a look. >> the problem has been created that organized crime particularly and latin american entries have made billions of dollars trafficking marijuana and other contraband, drugs and other contraband materials. i do not know how successful we would be and i would agree about the success that might or might not happen from legalizing marijuana. the example i would use is when alcohol was illegal in the united states, you did not have luckless and no stretch involved in any great
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)